1 Fingerprint Liveness Detection from Single Image Using Low-Level Features and Shape Analysis. MATLAB
2 Red Lesion Detection Using Dynamic Shape Features for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening. MATLAB
3 Beyond Color Difference: Residual Interpolation for Color Image Demosaicking MATLAB
4 Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images with Public Key Cryptography. MATLAB
5 Time-Delay Neural Network for Continuous Emotional Dimension Prediction From Facial Expression Sequences. MATLAB
6 Spectral–Spatial Adaptive Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Denoising. MATLAB
7 A patch-based approach for the segmentation of pathologies: Application to glioma labeling. MATLAB
8 Four Direction Residual Interpolation for Demosaicking. MATLAB
9 Underwater Fish Tracking for Moving Cameras based on Deformable Multiple Kernels. MATLAB
10 A person authentication system based on RFID tags and a cascade of face recognition algorithms. MATLAB
11 A Novel Curvature Based Algorithm for Automatic Grading of Retinal Blood Vessel Tortuosity. MATLAB
12 Content Based Image Retrieval by Metric Learning from Radiology Reports: Application to Interstitial Lung Diseases. MATLAB
13 An Algorithm for the Segmentation of Highly Abnormal Hearts Using a Generic Statistical Shape Model MATLAB
14 A Level Set Approach to Image Segmentation With Intensity Inhomogeneity MATLAB
15 A Generative Probabilistic Model and Discriminative Extensions for Brain Lesion Segmentation with Application to Tumor and Stroke. MATLAB
16 Carotid Artery Wall Segmentation in Multispectral MRI by Coupled Optimal Surface Graph Cuts MATLAB
17 A Security-Enhanced Alignment-Free Fuzzy Vault-Based Fingerprint Cryptosystem Using Pair-Polar Minutiae Structures MATLAB
18 Distance-Based Encryption: How to Embed Fuzziness in Biometric-Based Encryption. MATLAB
19 On the Permanence of EEG Signals for Biometric Recognition MATLAB
20 Door Knob Hand Recognition Systeml MATLAB
21 Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition With Atlas Construction and Sparse Representation MATLAB
22 An AdaBoost-Based Face Detection System Using Parallel Configurable Architecture With Optimized Computation MATLAB
23 Context-Based Predictor Blending for Lossless Colour Image Compression MATLAB
24 Cross- examination for Angle - Closure Glaucoma Feature Detection MATLAB
25 Facial Position and Expression Based Human Computer Interface for Persons with Tetraplegial MATLAB
26 High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Patch-Level Sparse Representation MATLAB
27 Localized Multifeature Metric Learning for Image-Set-Based Face Recognition MATLAB
28 Local Bit-plane Decoded Pattern: A Novel Feature Descriptor for Biomedical Image Retrieval MATLAB
29 Optic Disc Localization in Retinal Images Based on Cumulative Sum Fields MATLAB
30 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images With Distributed Source Encoding MATLAB
31 Scalable Feature Matching by Dual Cascaded Scalar Quantization for Image Retrieval MATLAB
32 Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding Over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation MATLAB
33 Histopathological Image Classification using Discriminative Feature-oriented Dictionary Learning MATLAB
34 A Feature Learning and Object Recognition Framework for Underwater Fish Images MATLAB
35 Lung Pattern Classification for Interstitial Lung Diseases Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network MATLAB
36 Online Multi-modal Distance Metric Learning with Application to Image Retrieval MATLAB