1 Design And Implementation Of A Low-Cost Universal Control For Intelligent Electric Wheelchairs. Embedded
2 Design and Implementation of an RFID-GSM based Vehicle Identification System on Highways. Embedded
3 Roadside Magnetic Sensor System for Vehicle Detection in Urban Environments. Embedded
4 The WSN Monitoring System for Large Outdoor Advertising Boards Based on ZigBee and MEMS Sensor. Embedded
5 Piezoelectric Rainfall Energy Harvester Performance by Advanced Arduino based Measuring System. Embedded
6 SensePods: A ZigBee-based Tangible Smart Home Interface. Embedded
7 Fog Assisted- IoT Enabled Patient Health Monitoring in Smart Homes. Embedded
8 Getting to Know your Robot Customers: Automated Analysis of User Identity and Demographics for Robots in the Wild. Embedded
9 Wireless Wearable Magnetometer-based Sensor for Sleep Quality Monitoring. Embedded
10 SSensor Fault Detection and Isolation for a Wireless Sensor Network-Based Remote Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System. Embedded
11 A Wireless Controlled Digital Car Lock For Smart Transportation. Embedded
12 Interoperable End-to-End Remote Patient Monitoring Platform based on IEEE 11073 PHD and ZigBee Health Care Profile. Embedded
13 Sensor-based complete coverage path planning in dynamic environment for cleaning robot. Embedded
14 Wireless Controlled Smart Digital Energy Meter and theft control using GSM with GUI. Embedded
15 Door Automation based on speech command and Pin using Android Smartphone. Embedded
16 Wireless Sensor Network for Distributed Environmental Monitoring. Embedded
17 Fuel Allocation and Lockout System. Embedded
18 Efficiency network construction of advanced metering infrastructure using Zigbee Embedded
19 Self-Powered ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes for Railway Condition Monitoring. Embedded
20 Design of Smart Lock System for Doors with Special Features using Bluetooth Technology. Embedded
21 Wireless System for Control, Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance of Public Street Lighting. Embedded
22 Smart Traffic Management System Using Internet of Things. Embedded
23 Roadside Magnetic Sensor System for Vehicle Detection in Urban Environments. Embedded
24 Accident and Alcohol Detection in Bluetooth enabled Smart Helmets for Motorbikes. Embedded
25 Virtual-Blind-Road Following Based Wearable Navigation Device for Blind People. Embedded
26 Xbee Pro Module Application in to Organize and Monitoring Earthquake Disaster Location with the Robot Control System. Embedded
27 Energy Monitoring and Control Using Internet of Things (IoT) System. Embedded
28 Factory Automation and Irrigation Control in an IoT Environment. Embedded
29 Safe Local Navigation for Visually Impaired Users with a Time-of-Flight and Haptic Feedback Device. Embedded
30 A Smart Home Appliances Control System Based On Digital Electronics and GSM Network. Embedded
31 Implementation of Room Automation With Cloud Based Monitoring System. Embedded
32 A novel and Secure Smart Parking Management System (SPMS) based on integration of WSN, RFID, and IoT. Embedded
33 IoT Based Smart Sprinkling System. Embedded
34 Development of a Real-Time Web-Based Power Monitoring System for the Substation of Petrochemical Facilities. Embedded
35 Intelligent Condition Monitoring System for Distribution Transformer and Health Status Diagnosis. Embedded
36 An Electromagnetic Sensor Prototype to Assist Visually Impaired and Blind People in Autonomous Walking. Embedded
37 A WSN for Monitoring and Event Reporting in Underground Mine Environments. Embedded