1 Design and Implementation of a Bluetooth-Based MCU and GSM for Wetness Detection. Embedded
2 Internet of Things Mobile - Air Pollution Monitoring System (IoT-Mobair). Embedded
3 Characterization and optimization of level measurement by an ultrasonic sensor system. Embedded
4 Smart Wearable Hand Device for Sign Language Interpretation System with Sensors Fusion. Embedded
5 Smart Traffic Management System Using Internet of Things. Embedded
6 Autonomous Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Home/Office Automation. Embedded
7 A Combination of Astable Multivibrator and Microcontroller for Thermistor Based Temperature Measurement over Internet. Embedded
8 ZnO/MoS2 based enhanced humidity sensor prototype with Android App interface for mobile platform. Embedded
9 Wearable Anemometer with Multi-sensing of Wind Absolute Orientation, Wind Speed, Attitude and Heading. Embedded
10 A Low Power Electric-Mechanical Driving Approach for True Occupancy Detection Using a Shuttered Passive Infrared Sensor. Embedded
11 Design & Implementation of a Microcontroller Based Low Cost DTMF Controlled Acoustic & Visual Detecting Robot to Monitor Child & Aged Person. Embedded
12 Smart Leaf Infection Identification and Fertilizer Spray. Embedded
13 An Effective Moisture Control based Modern Irrigation System (MIS) with Arduino Nano. Embedded
14 GAS Level Detection and Automatic Booking using IOT. Embedded
15 An Automated Waste Control Management System (AWCMS) by using Arduino. Embedded
16 Smart Phone as a Controlling Device for Smart Home using Speech Recognition. Embedded
17 Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Dust Cleaner Robot for Uneven and Nonstructural Environment. Embedded
18 SensPnP: Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous Sensors with IoT devices Embedded
19 Efficient Fire Detection for Uncertain Surveillance Environment. Embedded
20 A Patient-Specific Single Sensor IoT-Based Wearable Fall Prediction and Detection System. Embedded
21 AC Computing Methodology for RF-Powered IoT Devices. Embedded
22 Developing a 3- to 6-state EEG-based brain computer interface for a virtual robotic manipulator control. Embedded
23 A Wireless Respiratory Monitoring System Using a Wearable Patch Sensor Network. Embedded
24 Wireless Sensor Network System for Landslide Monitoring and Warning. Embedded
25 Efficiency network construction of advanced metering infrastructure using Zigbee. Embedded
26 Spatiotemporal Correlation-Based Environmental Monitoring System in Energy Harvesting Internet of Things (IoT). Embedded
27 EEG Signals-Based Longitudinal Control System for a Brain-Controlled Vehicle. Embedded
28 Distributed Real-Time IoT for Autonomous Vehicles. Embedded
29 Ultra-Low Power QRS Detection and ECG Compression Architecture for IoT Healthcare Devices. Embedded
30 Blind Entity Identification for Agricultural IoT Deployments. Embedded