1 A study on employee’s satisfaction towards the welfare measures.
2 A study on evaluation of recruitment policy and process.
3 A study on working capital management.
4 A study on “effectiveness of training.
5 A study on sales promotion.
6 A study on customer satisfaction.
7 A study on the effect of job stress on the employees performance.
8 A study on labour welfare and safety measures.
9 A Study on performance appraisal system of employees.
10 A Study on evaluation of recruitment method.
11 Opinion of employees about training methods followed in industries.
12 A study on  employee job satisfaction.
13 A study on customer satisfaction.
14 Analyzing the effectiveness of educational institutions for assessing placement preferances by recruiting organizations.
15 A study on employees perception towards job .
16 Astudy on financial performance analysis.
17 A study on consumer behaviour.
18 A study on effectiveness of training and development.
19 Study on employee motivational level.
20 A study on the effect of job stress on the employees performance
21 A study on performance appraisal system.
22 A study on customers awareness .
23 A study on financial performance analysis.
24 Astudy on recruitment practices of ites industries.
25 A study on labour welfare.
26 A study on impacts of quality circle activities on organizational culture.
27 A study on training evaluation.
28 A study on analysing financial  performance .
29 A study on employees’ stress management.
30 A study on quality of work life of employees.
31 A study on training effectiveness among the executives.
32 Payroll outsourcing implementation.
33 A study on training programmes.
34 A study about managing employee retention.
35 A study on technical analysis of selected scrips.
36 A study on consumer behaviour of e-recruitment system.
37 Online trading and de-materlisation.