1 High Step-up Transformer-less Inverter for AC Module Applications with Active Power Decoupling. MATLAB
2 High-Efficiency Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems in a Smart Grid. MATLAB
3 Design of speed control and reduction of torque ripple factor in BLDC motor using spider based controller. MATLAB
4 Extended Topology for Boost DC-DC Converter . MATLAB
5 HM/PWM Seamless Control of a Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for a Photovoltaic Application . MATLAB
6 Commutation Failure Elimination of LCC HVDC Systems using Thyristor-Based Controllable Capacitors. MATLAB
7 Three Phase Single Stage Isolated Cuk based PFC Converter. MATLAB
8 Control of D-STATCOM during Unbalanced Grid Faults Based on DC Voltage Oscillations and Peak Current Limitations. MATLAB
9 Enforcement of current limits in DFIG-based wind turbine dynamic models through capability curve. MATLAB
10 Real-Time Implementation of Signal Processing Techniques for Disturbances Detection. MATLAB
11 A Modified DC Chopper for Limiting the Fault Current and Controlling the DC Link Voltage to Enhance Fault Ride-Through Capability of DoublyFed Induction Generator Based Wind Turbine. MATLAB
12 Dual P-Q Theory based Energy Optimized Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System . MATLAB
13 Smart Loads for Improving the Fault-Ride-Through Capability of Fixed-Speed Wind Generators in Microgrids. MATLAB
14 A Single-Switch Transformerless DC-DC Converter with Universal Input Voltage for Fuel Cell Vehicles: Analysis and Design . MATLAB
15 A Capacitor Clamped H-type Boost DC-DC Converter with Wide Voltage-Gain Range for Fuel Cell Vehicles . MATLAB
16 A DC-DC Boost Converter with a Wide Input Range and High Voltage Gain for Fuel Cell Vehicles. MATLAB
17 A Hybrid UP-PWM Scheme for HERIC Inverter to Improve Power Quality and Efficiency. MATLAB
18 Analysis of Single-Phase-to-Ground Faults at the Valve-Side of HB-MMCs in HVDC Systems. MATLAB
19 Investigation of Fault Ride-Through Capability of Hybrid VSC-LCC Multi-Terminal HVDC Transmission Systems. MATLAB
20 Online Parameters Estimation and Auto-Tuning of a Discrete-Time Model Predictive Speed Controller for Induction Motor Drives. MATLAB
21 Reduced Sensor Based PV Array Fed Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive for Water Pumping MATLAB
22 Second Harmonic Current Reduction for a Battery-Driven Grid Interface with Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge DC/DC Converter MATLAB
23 Fault-Tolerant Field Oriented Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor based on Unified Feed-forward Method MATLAB
24 Maximum Power Point Controller for Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants Using Central Inverters under Partial Shading Conditions MATLAB
25 A High-Efficiency Low-Profile Zero-Voltage Transition Synchronous Non-Inverting Buck-Boost Converter With Auxiliary-Component Sharing MATLAB
26 24. Analysis of Partial Power DC-DC Converters for Two-Stage Photovoltaic Systems MATLAB
27 Coordinated Control Strategies of PMSG-based Wind Turbine for Smoothing Power Fluctuations MATLAB
28 Reconfigurable Control for Fault-Tolerant of Parallel Converters in PMSG Wind Energy Conversion System MATLAB
29 Enhancing Transient Voltage Quality in a Distribution Power System with SMES-Based DVR and SFCL. MATLAB
30 A Composite Sliding Mode Controller for Wind Power Extraction in Remotely Located Solar PV-Wind Hybrid System. MATLAB
31 Quadratic Boost DC–DC Converter with High Voltage Gain and Reduced Voltage Stresses. MATLAB
32 Second Harmonic Current Reduction in Front-End DC Converter for Two-Stage Single-PhaseDC Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter. MATLAB
33 Sensorless BLDC Motor Commutation Point Detection and Phase Deviation Correction Method MATLAB
34 A MODIFIED SEPIC-Based High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Quasi-Resonant Operation for Renewable Energy Applications. MATLAB
35 A Single Switch Quadratic Boost High Step up DC-DC Converter. MATLAB
36 Asymmetrical Reactive Power Capability of Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter (MMCC) based STATCOMs for Offshore Wind Farm. MATLAB
37 Modified Dual Output Cuk Converter fed Switched Reluctance Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction. MATLAB
38 Open-switch Fault Tolerant Operation of a Two-Stage Buck/Buck-Boost Converter with redundant synchronous switch for PV systems MATLAB
39 Control of Wind-Diesel Hybrid System with BESS for Optimal Operation MATLAB