1 An Evolutionary Self-Cooperative Trust Scheme Against Routing Disruptions in MANETs. MATLAB
2 Node-Level Trust Evaluation in Wireless Sensor Networks. MATLAB
3 Impact of Optimal Hop Distance on the Network Lifetime for Wireless Sensor Networks With QoS Requirements. MATLAB
4 Optimal Relay Selection and Power Control for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Relay Networks. MATLAB
5 Selfish Decentralized Computation Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing in Dense Wireless Networks. MATLAB
6 Optimizing Content Dissemination for Real-time Traffic Management in Large-scale Internet of Vehicle Systems. MATLAB
7 Outlier Detection and Optimal Anchor Placement for 3D Underwater Optical Wireless Sensor Networks Localization. MATLAB
8 Localization of Energy Harvesting Empowered Underwater Optical Wireless Sensor Networks. MATLAB
9 Joint Position and Travel Path Optimization for Energy Efficient Wireless Data Gathering using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. MATLAB
10 Resource Allocation for Wireless-Powered IoT Networks with Short Packet Communication. MATLAB
11 A Truthful Mechanism for Scheduling Delay-Constrained Wireless Transmissions in IoT-Based Healthcare Networks. MATLAB
12 SS5G: Energy-Efficient Transmission Schemes for Cooperative Wireless Powered Cellular Networks. MATLAB
13 Fair Scheduling for Data Collection in Mobile Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting. MATLAB
14 Adaptive Optimization of Multi-Hop Communication Protocol for Linear Wireless Monitoring Networks on High-Speed Railways. MATLAB
15 QoS-Aware User Association and Resource Allocation in LAA-LTE/WiFi Coexistence Systems. MATLAB
16 An Active Mobile Charging and Data Collection Scheme for Clustered Sensor Networks. MATLAB
17 CPSLP: A Cloud-Based Scheme for Protecting Source-Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Multi-Sinks. MATLAB
18 A Data Parasitizing Scheme for Effective Health Monitoring in Wireless Body Area Networks. MATLAB