1 Automatic Detection of Retinal Lesions for Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy. MATLAB
2 Automatic Lung Segmentation with Juxta-Pleural Nodule Identification using Active Contour Model and Bayesian Approach. MATLAB
3 Automated segmentation of ophthalmological images by an optical based approach for early detection of eye tumor growing. MATLAB
4 Concatenated and Connected Random Forests with Multiscale Patch Driven Active Contour Model for Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation of MR Images. MATLAB
5 Bacterial foraging optimization based Radial Basis Function Neural Network (BRBFNN) for identification and classification of plant leaf diseases: An automatic approach towards Plant Pathology. MATLAB
6 Deep Texture Features for Robust Face Spoofing Detection. MATLAB
7 Liveness Detection and Automatic Template Updating using Fusion of ECG and Fingerprint. MATLAB
8 Derivative Entropy-Based Contrast Measure for Infrared Small-Target Detection. MATLAB
9 An Efficient MSB Prediction-Based Method for High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images. MATLAB
10 Accessible Melanoma Detection using Smartphones and Mobile Image Analysis. MATLAB
11 Retinal Microaneurysms Detection using Local Convergence Index Features. MATLAB
12 Multi-Scale Rotation-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks for Lung Texture Classification. MATLAB
13 Multisensor Image Fusion and Enhancement in Spectral Total Variation Domain. MATLAB
14 Local Gradient Hexa Pattern: A Descriptor for Face Recognition and Retrieval. MATLAB
15 Normalization and Weighting Techniques Based on Genuine-impostor Score Fusion in Multi-biometric Systems. MATLAB
16 Light Field based Face Presentation Attack Detection: Reviewing, Benchmarking and One Step Further. MATLAB
17 Glioma Segmentation Using a Novel Unified Algorithm in Multimodal MRI Images. MATLAB
18 Information Divergence-Based Matching Strategy for Online Signature Verification. MATLAB
19 Discriminative and Robust Competitive Code for Palmprint Recognition. MATLAB
20 Color Retinal Image Enhancement Based on Luminosity and Contrast Adjustment. MATLAB
21 Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Minimum Spanning Superpixel Tree Detector. MATLAB
22 α-Trimmed Weber Representation and Cross Section Asymmetrical Coding for Human Identification using Finger Images. MATLAB
23 Color Balance and Fusion for Underwater Image Enhancement. MATLAB
24 Matching Contactless and Contact-Based Conventional Fingerprint Images for biometric Identification. MATLAB
25 Her2Net: A Deep Framework for Semantic Segmentation and Classification of Cell Membranes and Nuclei in Breast Cancer Evaluation. MATLAB
26 A Novel Multi-Class EEG-Based Sleep Stage Classification System. MATLAB
27 An Analytic Gabor Feed forward Network for Single-sample and Pose-invariant Face Recognition. MATLAB
28 Facial Expression Recognition in Video with Multiple Feature Fusion. MATLAB
29 Personalized Classifier for Food Image Recognition. MATLAB
30 A Feature Descriptor based on Local Normalized Difference for Real-World Texture Classification MATLAB
31 Sub-Selective Quantization for Learning Binary Code in Large-Scale Image Search MATLAB
32 Image Segmentation for Intensity Inhomogeneity in Presence of High Noise MATLAB
33 Multi-Exposure Image Fusion by Optimizing A Structural Similarity Index MATLAB
34 Robust Multi-Focus Image Fusion Using Edge Model and Multi-Matting MATLAB
35 Semantic Neighbor Graph Hashing for Multimodal Retrieval MATLAB
36 Macular OCT Classification using a Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble MATLAB
37 Single Classifier-based Passive System for Source Printer Classification using Local Texture Features MATLAB
38 An Automated System for the Detection and Classification of Retinal Changes Due to Red Lesions in Longitudinal Fundus Images. MATLAB
39 A Novel Signal Modeling Approach for Classification of Seizure and Seizure-free EEG Signals MATLAB
40 Detection and Separation of Smoke from Single Image Frames MATLAB
41 On the Exploration of Information from the DTW Cost Matrix for Online Signature Verification MATLAB
42 Ensemble SVM Method for Automatic Sleep Stage Classification MATLAB
43 Ant Colony Technique for Optimizing the Order of Cascaded SVM Classifier for Sunflower Seed Classification MATLAB
44 SVD Based Adaptive QIM Watermarking on Stereo Audio Signals MATLAB
45 A Skeletal Similarity Metric for Quality Evaluation of Retinal Vessel Segmentation MATLAB