1 High-Frequency-Fed Unity Power-Factor AC–DC Power Converter With One Switching Per Cycle. MATLAB
2 A Family of Soft-Switching DC–DC Converters Based on a Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost Rectifier. MATLAB
3 Improvement of Stability and Power Factor in PCM Controlled Boost PFC Converter With Hybrid Dynamic Compensation. MATLAB
4 Decoupling of Fluctuating Power in Single-Phase Systems Through a Symmetrical Half-Bridge Circuit. MATLAB
5 An Improved Droop Control Strategy for Reactive Power Sharing in Islanded Microgrid. MATLAB
6 Power Conversion and Signal Transmission Integration Method Based on Dual Modulation of DC–DC Converters. MATLAB
7 Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck–Boost Power Factor Correction Converter. MATLAB
8 A Nonisolated Multiinput Multioutput DC–DC Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle Applications. MATLAB
9 An Enhanced Islanding Microgrid Reactive Power, Imbalance Power, and Harmonic Power Sharing Scheme. MATLAB
10 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter Under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System. MATLAB
11 Decoupled Active and Reactive Power Control for Large-Scale Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Using Cascaded Modular Multilevel Converters. MATLAB
12 Automatic Mode-Shifting Control Strategy With Input Voltage Feed-Forward for Full-Bridge-Boost DC–DC Converter Suitable for Wide Input Voltage Range. MATLAB
13 Asymmetrical Fault Ride Through as Ancillary Service by Constant Power Loads in Grid-Connected Wind Farm. MATLAB
14 Islanding Detection Search Sequence for Distributed Power Generators Under AC Grid Faults. MATLAB
15 A Nonintrusive Thermal Monitoring Method for Induction Motors Fed by Closed-Loop Inverter Drives. MATLAB
16 Design of a Single-Switch DC/DC Converter for a PV-Battery-Powered Pump System With PFM+PWM Control. MATLAB
17 Reactive Power Compensation and Optimization Strategy for Grid-Interactive Cascaded Photovoltaic Systems. MATLAB
18 Single-Phase AC–DC–AC Three-Level Three-Leg Converterl. MATLAB
19 A Component-Minimized Single-Phase Active Power Decoupling Circuit With Reduced Current Stress to Semiconductor Switches. MATLAB
20 Robust Sliding-Mode Control Design for a Voltage Regulated Quadratic Boost Converter. MATLAB
21 A Speed Controller for a Two-Winding Induction Motor Based on Diametrical Inversion. MATLAB
22 Suitable Single-Phase to Three-Phase AC–DC–AC Power Conversion System MATLAB
23 Sliding-Mode-Control-Based Boost Converter for High-Voltage–Low-Power Applications. MATLAB
24 A Transformerless Back-To-Back (BTB) System Using Modular Multilevel Cascade Converters For Power Distribution Systems. MATLAB
25 Hybrid Multicarrier Modulation to Reduce Leakage Current in a Transformerless Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems. MATLAB
26 A Bidirectional-Switch-Based Wide-Input Range High-Efficiency Isolated Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications. MATLAB
27 Coordinated Control of Optimized SFCL and SMES for Improvement of Power System Transient Stability. MATLAB
28 An Energy-Efficient Motor Drive With Autonomous Power Regenerative Control System Based on Cascaded Multilevel Inverters and Segmented Energy Storage. MATLAB
29 New Breed of Network Fault-Tolerant Voltage-Source-Converter HVDC Transmission System. MATLAB
30 Coordinated Reactive Power-Voltage Controller for Multi machine Power Plan MATLAB