1 A System for Profiling and Monitoring Database Access Patterns by Application Programs for Anomaly Detection. Dotnet/Java
2 A Software Agent Enabled Biometric Security Algorithm for Secure File Access in Consumer Storage Devices. Dotnet/Java
3 MMBcloud-tree: Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection. Dotnet/Java
4 Cloud-based Utility Service Framework for Trust Negotiations using Federated Identity Management. Dotnet/Java
5 Question Quality Analysis and Prediction in Community Question Answering Services with Coupled Mutual Reinforcement. Dotnet/Java
6 Learning Discriminative Binary Codes for Large-scale Cross-modal Retrieval Dotnet/Java
7 Someone in Your Contact List: Cued Recall-Based Textual Passwords. Dotnet/Java
8 Semantics-enhanced Online Intellectual Capital Mining Service for Enterprise Customer Centers. Dotnet/Java
9 Efficient Public Verification of Data Integrity for Cloud Storage Systems from Indistinguishability Obfuscation. Dotnet/Java
10 Highly Reliable Key Generation from Electrocardiogram (ECG). Dotnet/Java
11 Towards Encrypted Cloud Media Center with Secure Deduplication Dotnet/Java
12 Engagement dynamics and sensitivity analysis of YouTube videos. Dotnet/Java
13 On the Security of Data Access Control for Multiauthority Cloud Storage Systems. Dotnet/Java
14 Repair Tree: Fast Repair for Single Failure in Erasure-coded Distributed Storage Systems. Dotnet/Java
15 Failure Diagnosis for Distributed Systems using Targeted Fault Injection. Dotnet/Java
16 Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play. Dotnet/Java
17 Traffic-aware Geo-distributed Big Data Analytics with Predictable Job Completion Time. Dotnet/Java
18 Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Content-based Image Retrieval. Dotnet/Java
19 Rating Prediction based on Social Sentiment from Textual Reviews. Dotnet/Java
20 Provably Secure Key-Aggregate Cryptosystems with Broadcast Aggregate Keys for Online Data Sharing on the Cloud. Dotnet/Java
21 Efficient Processing of Skyline Queries Using MapReduce. Dotnet/Java
22 Novel Visual and Statistical Image Features for Microblogs News Verifications. Dotnet/Java
23 SocialQ&A: An Online Social Network Based Question and Answer System. Dotnet/Java
24 Publicly Verifiable Computation of Polynomials over Outsourced Data with Multiple Sources. Dotnet/Java
25 Exploring Body Shape from mmW Images for Person Recognition. Dotnet/Java
26 Personal Information in Passwords and Its Security Implications. Dotnet/Java
27 My Privacy My Decision: Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks. Dotnet/Java
28 Securing coding-based cloud storage against pollution attacks. Dotnet/Java
29 Modeling and Learning Continuous Word Embedding with Metadata for Question Retrieval. Dotnet/Java
30 Renewable Energy Pricing Driven Scheduling in Distributed Smart Community Systems. Dotnet/Java
31 Private and Secured Medical Data Transmission and Analysis for Wireless Sensing Healthcare System. Dotnet/Java
32 Shadow Attacks based on Password Reuses: A Quantitative Empirical Analysis. Dotnet/Java
33 Sketch-Based User Authentication With a Novel String Edit Distance Model. Dotnet/Java
34 Privacy Preserving Smart Meter Streaming against Information Leakage of Appliance Status. Dotnet/Java
35 NetSpam: a Network-based Spam Detection Framework for Reviews in Online Social Media. Dotnet/Java
36 Authentication of Swipe Fingerprint Scanners. Dotnet/Java
37 Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries with Privacy Preserving. Dotnet/Java
38 Provably Secure Dynamic ID-based Anonymous Two-factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Extended Security Model. Dotnet/Java
39 Provably Secure Dynamic ID-based Anonymous Two-factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Extended Security Model. Dotnet/Java