1 A P2P-Based Market-Guided Distributed Routing Mechanism for High-Throughput Hybrid Wireless Networks. MATLAB
2 A Fuzzy Multi-Metric QoS-Balancing Gateway Selection Algorithm in a Clustered VANET to LTE Advanced Hybrid Cellular Network. MATLAB
3 Packet Delivery Ratio/Cost in MANETs With Erasure Coding and Packet Replication. MATLAB
4 Distributed Database Management Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks. MATLAB
5 Effective Key Management in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks. MATLAB
6 Packet Scheduling for Real-Time Surveillance in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks With Lossy Channels. MATLAB
7 A Hierarchical Account-Aided Reputation Management System for MANETs. MATLAB
8 Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for Relay Node Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks. MATLAB
9 The Mason Test: A Defense Against Sybil Attacks in Wireless Networks Without Trusted Authorities. MATLAB
10 Wireless Resource Allocation in Next Generation Healthcare Facilities. MATLAB
11 A Distributed Three-hop Routing Protocol to Increase the Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks. MATLAB
12 Optimal Charging in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks. MATLAB
13 CoCoWa: A Collaborative Contact-Based Watchdog for Detecting Selfish Nodes. MATLAB
14 AASR: Authenticated Anonymous Secure Routing for MANETs in Adversarial Environments. MATLAB
15 Maximizing P2P File Access Availability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks though Replication for Efficient File Sharing. MATLAB
16 Delay and Capacity Analysis in MANETs with Correlated Mobility and f-cast Relay. MATLAB
17 Achievable Secrecy Rates for the Broadcast Channel with Confidential Message and Finite Constellation Inputs. MATLAB
18 Performance Analysis of Network Coded Cooperation with Channel Coding and Adaptive DF-Based Relaying in Rayleigh Fading Channels. MATLAB
19 Cooperative Joint Synchronization and Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks. MATLAB
20 On Some Properties of the Mutual Information between Extrinsics With Application to Iterative Decoding. MATLAB
21 Convex 1-D Total Variation Denoising with Non-convex Regularization. MATLAB
22 Artifact-free Wavelet Denoising: Non-convex Sparse Regularization, Convex Optimization. MATLAB